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His character, Tywin Lannister, had just ridden to victory at the Battle of Blackwater, keeping the Iron Throne securely in the brutal grip of his Lannister clan: spiteful, malevolent child King Joffrey, conniving Queen Regent Cersei, and their coterie of duplicitous advisers.

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When Charles Dance was a boy, his mother would often tell him to stop showing off.

“I think that’s the worst thing you can say to a child,” the 66-year-old says now, his broad frame rigid with indignation. You can say to a child 'stop being rude’, 'stop shouting’, 'stop jumping around on the furniture’. That’s awful.” Something about the reprimand must have stuck.

When he walked back, she was standing in front of the hotel.

This woman had spotted him in the hotel..had verified that it was John.

But in the third season – which begins in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday 1 April – he’s to be far more crucial.

As the newly-appointed “Hand of the King” – the King’s most important adviser – he'll assume the role of fearsome, all-powerful patriarch of a ruthless ruling family. The British actor has the square-jaw and Received Pronunciation of strong aristocratic stock, and, from nefarious turns in the Last Action Hero (opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger) to Sky’s SAS drama Strike Back (via roles in Ali G Indahouse, Rebecca and Bleak House), he has had plenty of practice playing the villain. I sit around being mean to people and ordering their deaths.It’s secured two Emmys, a Golden Globe, wide critical acclaim, and a fanatical fan base hooked on its heady mix of gory battles, racy sex and slow-burning political manoeuvring.Until now, 66-year-old Dance’s role in the series dubbed “the Sopranos of Middle Earth” had been an auxiliary one.There is no suggestion that Dance was anything but a loving father but his older children Oliver and Rebecca were born before Dance got his big break playing Guy Perron in the acclaimed TV series The Jewel In The Crown in the mid- Eighties.Before that he had worked regularly enough in the theatre, including completing several seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company during the Seventies but in terms of earnings and profile it was hardly the big time.And while some others who brave the cold water first don a wet suit, Dance thrashes up and down in his skimpy Speedos.

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