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Please do not have grades converted or interpreted in any way.

For information on qualified translators, please contact the American Translators Association ( or another recognized translation service (i.e., a certified translator, certified court interpreter, an authorized government official, or an official from the school where you obtained the degree).

Some jurisdictions regard mooning to be indecent exposure, sometimes depending on the context.

Although the practice of mooning was widespread by the 19th century, the Oxford English Dictionary dates the use of "moon" and "mooning" to describe the act to student slang of the 1960s, when the gesture became increasingly popular among students at universities in the United States.

These must be marked as "certified-true" or "attested" and signed by a school official on each page.

If the documents are written in a language other than English, applicants must submit certified-true copies of both the originals and a literal translation.International applicants are also asked to complete the application process early preferably well before July 1 to guarantee timely evaluation for their application and to allow time to process documents required by the U. In addition to the degree-specific requirements found under the undergraduate or graduate admission requirements, all international applicants must also provide the following in order to be considered for admission to Digi Pen (see below for specific details):*Please note: Undergraduate international student applicants are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores; graduate applicants must submit official GRE scores. Scanned images, photocopies, or faxes are not replacements for original application materials and will not be accepted.These items, along with the other application materials, should be prepared well in advance and allow plenty of time for mailing the documents to the U. Applicants must submit official academic records for Digi Pens consideration.The court ruled that indecent exposure relates only to exposure of the genitals, adding that even though mooning was a "disgusting" and "demeaning" act to engage in, and had taken place in the presence of a minor, "If exposure of half of the buttocks constituted indecent exposure, any woman wearing a thong at the beach at Ocean City would be guilty." Defense attorneys had cited a 1983 case of a woman who was arrested after protesting in front of the U. Supreme Court building wearing nothing but a cardboard sign that covered the front of her body.In that case, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals had ruled that indecent exposure is limited to a person's genitalia.For the first time in many years The Bancroft Library presents an exhibition of recent additions to its major collections.

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